lash nap

8 Secrets To a Lash Nap

lash nap

Free Lash Naps!

Ah, the infamous lash nap! You can’t possibly be advertising “free lash naps” with your services unless you’ve set up your studio as a spa-like, relaxing, comfortable haven.

To charge higher prices for your beauty services, you simply have to optimize your beauty salon’s experience with your clients’ comfort in mind.

Items to provide the ultimate LASH NAP experience:

1. Ergonomic Lash Pillow

lash pillow

Send your clients to cloud 9 with an ergonomic lash pillow. There’s no better pillow we’d suggest for optimal comfort. Enough said.

Lash Artist’s Top Pick: Cloud Pro Pillow

2. Lash Bed Topper

bed topper

A comfy lash bed is a total must-have for lash nap queens. A lash bed topper helps disperse the pressure from every point of the spine - leaving every client pain-free and ache-free after every appointment.

Lash Artist’s Top Pick: Mello Lash Bed Topper

3. Heated Spa Pad

Instead of using their energy to stay warm, let the heated pad do the work! This is what we call relaxing the body, mind and soul.

Lash Artist’s Top Pick: Cordless Master Massage Table Warmer

4. Blanket

The heavier the blanket, the better! Weighted blankets are proven to reduce stress and improve sleep.

Lash Artist’s Top Pick: Weighted Blanket

5. Aromatherapy

Using lavender essential oils calms the brain and reverts the body into a more relaxed state. If you don’t want to invest in a diffuser, you can also offer lavender oil balms for clients to rub onto their temples at the start of the appointment.

Lash Artist’s Top Pick: Whisper Essential Oil Diffuser by Smiley Daisy & Lavender Essential Oil

6. Calming Music


There’s nothing more relaxing than drifting off into space to soothing music. Choose either a soft acoustic playlist or a spa playlist. A huge plus if you get Spotify Premium to avoid the distracting ads.

Lash Artist's Top Pick: Spotify Premium

7. Leg Bolster

leg pillow

Do you ever notice your clients readjusting their legs during the appointment? Can you really blame them? Lying down for hours tends to cause tension on the lower back. Get a leg bolster to solve this problem.

Lash Artist’s Top Pick: Elisa Leg Pillow

8. Dreamy Salon Ceiling Decor

Nothing like waking up from a lash nap to a fairy light ceiling! Check out this salon ceiling decor step-by-step guide if you want to offer the best lash nap ever.

Lash Artist’s Top Pick: Twinkle Star LED Fairy Lights

Now that you’ve got your lash nap essentials everything covered, be sure to use it to your advantage! Communicate your new value-adds with potential clients by showcasing it on your website and social media.

More often than not, clients are willing to pay a premium for these add-ons... because who doesn’t want to melt away onto the most comfortable lash bed AND wake up with beautiful lashes?


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