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Types of Salon Beds

lash beds

Some items in your beauty studio are purely for aesthetics, but salon beds aren’t one of them! It’s one of the main features of the studio and not to mention, the most important one. Your salon bed needs to be comfortable for you and your clients.

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What to consider when buying a salon bed:

1. Does the salon bed fit your studio space?

Beauty salon beds take up space. It isn’t something you can just prop up to use and put away when you don’t need it. Be sure to look up the dimensions of your salon bed before purchasing so you can plan where it’ll fit in your room. Got a small studio space? No problem! There’s tons of ways to work around it. Read 5 tips on how to decorate a small beauty salon.

2. Does the salon bed match your salon theme?

You spend so much effort trying to perfect the aesthetics of your beauty salon. It’s hard to imagine getting something for your studio that doesn’t blend in well with everything else, especially something as big as a bed! Thankfully, most salon beds come in neutral colors (either white or black). To really make sure your salon bed gets the aesthetic it deserves, use a bed cover to match the theme of your studio!

lash beds lash beds

3. Does the salon bed fit your budget?

What is your budget? Are you maximizing the dollar that you plan to spend? Do your research. If you’re a beginner esthetician, investing in quality furniture will absolutely help you in the long run. The most cost effective option is to invest in an aluminum portable massage table. Then, you can start purchasing add-ons to make the bed more comfortable. Upgrading your bed with the right items will make it even more comfortable for your clients.

4. Do you need a stationary bed or a portable bed?

Will you be offering in-studio services only or are you willing to cater to your clients’ at-home treatments? A stationary beauty salon bed is bulkier and heavier, but may have extra functionalities (hydraulic or electric adjustments, more cushioning). On the other hand, a portable salon bed is lightweight enough to be carried around, but offers less features (no hydraulic or electric adjustments, less cushioning, etc.)

5. Do you want a static bed or an adjustable bed?

How adjustable a salon bed is can affect the service that the esthetician can give, as well as the comfortability of the client. You can’t work properly if the bed is not adjusted at the optimal height. Ask yourself: do you have several estheticians working at your salon? If so, you may need to get a bed where you can easily adjust the height of it. Alternatively, you can opt for adjustable stools to accommodate the height difference instead.

Clients typically have different preferences when it comes to comfort. Some may prefer leg bolsters, while some may not. The most comfortable salon beds are easily customizable to client preferences. For example, adding or removing bed accessories.

It’s up to you to determine what would be best for your client, your artists, and your business. Read more about comfortable salon beds here !

Here are the 4 top salon beds that will fit you and your clients’ needs:

Icarus Mila Black Lash Chair

LCL Beauty Fully Electric Adjustable Facial Bed/Massage Table

BELLAVIE Massage Facial Bed

Artechworks Lightweight Massage Table

Suitable for Small Spaces ✘ NO ✘ NO ✔ Yes ✔ Yes
Portability ✘ NO ✘ NO ✔ Yes ✔ Yes
Adjustable Height ✘ NO ✘ NO ✘ NO ✔ Yes
Customizable ✔ Yes ✔ Yes ✔ Yes ✔ Yes
Price $$$ $$ $ $

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