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Eyelash Extension Light: Glamcor vs. Ring Light

best lash light
It’s no question that good lighting is one of the key ingredients to lashing perfectly.

Whether you’re a newly certified lash tech deciding on your first light investment, or you’re an experienced lash tech looking for an upgrade, listen to what people in the industry are saying about these lights…

The Debate: Glamcor vs. Ring Light

What lash artists have to say about Glamcor vs. Ring Light...

We love both!! [Glamcor is] great for clients with sensitivity to the light (most light eye color clients) the ring works wonders for pictures.

[The ring light’s] brightness is comparable to the Glamcor. It gives off a different hue of light, maybe more soft. It’s much larger and hovers perfectly right over your clients head. You can adjust the lamp vertically facing you or move/bend it to any degree you like. [It] doesn’t get hot at all. I use it for an entire day. For 2-2.5 hours each client and turn it off about 30 mins between clients.

I think the glamcor casts shadows and you have to move it round. Ring light gets all over, all the time and it’s brighter!

Glamcor light for application. Ring light for photos. ✨💓


Ring Light

Glamcor designs and manufacturers luxurious lighting and mirrors, specifically for professional estheticians in the beauty industry. This brand is considered the “chanel” of all beauty lighting. It has different brightness settings, is easily adjustable, and also has a phone holder for filming videos.

Originally manufactured for photographers, the Neewer ring light is more affordable than the Glamcor. The ring light comes with 2 different sizes (14” or 18”) and in 2 lighting options (LED or Fluorescent). It also includes a phone holder for filming videos. Be sure to purchase the one that comes with the adjustable stand.

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