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The Most Comfortable Massage Table for Eyelash Extensions

Lash Extension Bed

eyelash extension bed

Why Should You Make Your Lash Bed Comfortable?

  • You'll get higher customer satisfaction
  • You'll get more returning clients
  • You'll get higher paying clients
  • Bottom line: You'll earn more as a lash artist!


Customize your lash bed

Did you know that over 70% of the world's lash industry uses a portable massage table as their lash bed?

There are many clear advantages of the portable massage table, especially for beginner lash technicians:

  • It’s affordable
  • It’s customizable
  • It’s reliable

But let’s be real. A portable lash bed is NOT the most comfortable to be lying down for 2-3 hours at a time. That’s why we’re going to give you the inside scoop on how to transform this uncomfortable portable lash bed to the most comfortable lash bed ever.

1) Lash Bed Topper

The most common complaint of a portable massage bed is that the cushioning deflates over time. Get a lash bed topper to solve this problem. Your beauty clients come to you for more than just your service. They come to feel beautiful, relaxed and rejuvenated. Bottom line, your client wants comfort.


Mello Lash Bed Topper

memory foam topper massage table

This bed topper provides pressure releasing comfort and support for clients. Servicing impatient and fidgety clients is not fun. So, make sure they are comfortable.

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2) Spa Heating Pad

A heating pad is a desired value-add if you’re looking to stand out from the rest. By adding special touches to your services, your clients will appreciate you that much more!

Cordless Master Massage Table Warmer

EARTHLITE Massage Table Warmer & Fleece Pad With Cord

heat pad heater pad

Equipped with slip-free elastics, a detachable controller and a 4-hour safety shut off mechanism. This plush lash bed warmer screams luxury!

This is an amazing competing option. Instead of a cordless controller, the 11 foot long cord allows plenty of reach.

Buy Now for $99.99

3) Lash Bed Cover

Not only does it provide a sleek look that enhances your business' brand, but it also helps keep the extra padding you’ve added from slipping and sliding. Avoid the hassle of adjusting your bed between every client. Read about the 5 benefits of lash bed covers.

These 2 stretchable bed covers are catered to fit most portable lash beds perfectly.

Isabella Lash Bed Cover

Annabelle Lash Bed Cover

lash bed cover massage bed cover

This stretchable bed cover is designed to allow you to fit your legs under the lash bed for the most ergonomic comfort.

This original lash bed cover will help you achieve the clean and sleek look that you’ve been dreaming of!

Buy Now for $49.99

4) Ergonomic Lash Pillow

A proper ergonomic pillow is a must-have in the studio.

Yes, it provides comfort for clients. But more importantly, find a pillow that properly aligns your clients' head at the optimal lashing position. Say goodbye to constant re-positioning!

Cloud Pro Ergonomic Lash Pillow

Genevive Lash Pillow Shelf

memory foam pillow eyelash extension pillow

The Cloud Pro Pillow is ergonomically designed to maintain the natural curvature of the neck and spine. Its unique rebounding memory foam seamlessly moulds to any body structure.

Upgrade with the Genevive Shelf to stay organized at every appointment.

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5) Pillow for Lumbar Support

For the perfect lash nap, a leg pillow is required to release stress from the lower back.

Elisa Leg Support Pillow

Utopia Bedding Pillows

leg bolster pillow for eyelash technicians

This particular pillow is shaped to support your clients’ natural leg curves, as well as to improve circulation. It's THE magic touch for putting clients to sleep.

An alternative to the Elisa pillow is to use firm pillows.

Place pillow directly underneath the thighs and knees. For added comfort, place a 2nd pillow under the calves.

Buy Now for $79.99

Create a comfortable environment for your clients. It may seem like a heavy investment in the beginning, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s the smart investment.

Ready to make your clients happy? Check out our top picks for lash bed essentials.

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Cloud Pro Ergonomic Lash Pillow Isabella Fitted Lash Bed Cover Elisa Lash Bed Pillow
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