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Eyelash Extension Furniture For Beginners

lash furniture starter kit

So you just spent about $2000 for your lash certification and you aren’t prepared to spend more just to try new items that might not even work for you.

If you’re a newly certified lash technician, here’s the only 3 lash room essentials you’ll need to jumpstart your career:

lash bed

1. Eyelash Extension Table

We always recommend the lash table over the recliner chair. Here’s why:

  • It’s portable. We get it. When you're a beginner, it’s hard to fully commit to a large recliner chair. This particular lash table is easily foldable and conveniently transportable.
  • It’s versatile. Dress it up or dress it down. This lash table can be as simple or as glamorous as you make it. Want to make it glamorous? Read our guide to the most comfortable lash table ever.
  • It will last forever. From a beginner lash artist all the way to an advanced lash artist, this lash table is durable and will last a lifetime. As your lash career progresses, you have options to add accessories to make it more comfortable for your clients.
  • The price. It’s 5x less the cost of a quality recliner chair. Need I say more?

To really impress your clients with this lash table, follow these 5 steps to create the most comfortable eyelash extension bed ever.


lash lamp

2. Eyelash Extension Lamp

Can’t stress how mandatory a quality ring light is for beginners.

Good lighting will make or break your career.

Our top pick is the Neewer Ring Light from Amazon. Find out what other lash artists are saying about this light.


lash stool

3. Hydraulic Lash Stool

The most frequent body complaint from beginner lash artists is back and neck soreness.

With this hydraulic saddle stool, you’ll be able to maintain an ergonomically healthy posture throughout your appointments.

Your body is your greatest asset. Don’t wait, start taking care of your body today!

Every successful lash artist started from the beginning. To see more lash room recommendations, check out our lash artist tips section in our blog.

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