lash bed cover

Lash Bed Covers: Why You Need It?

lash bed cover

Lash Bed Covers

Curious about lash bed covers? Lash technicians use bed covers not only because of its good looks, but because it’s practical!
Keep reading to see why...


1) You’ll save time in between appointments.

Do you often find yourself re-adjusting your bed sheets in between clients? Do your bed sheets get wrinkly or constantly slip off? Lash bed covers quickly solves these issues. Don’t spend another second re-adjusting bed sheets! The Isabella Lash Bed Cover stretches to fit your lash bed perfectly and is 100% wrinkle-free.

2) It instantly upgrades the look of your entire lash room.

There’s no denying that portable lash beds look unattractive. By covering the bed legs, lash bed covers instantly add a touch of luxury. You might not realize it, but it makes a huge difference. Take a look for yourself!

lash bed fitted sheet

lash bed fitted sheet

3) It secures your lash bed topper in place.

Got a lash bed topper? Need something to hold it in place?

The Isabella Lash Bed Cover is stretchable enough to fit a lash bed topper underneath too.

4) It adds storage space underneath the bed!

Small lash room? No worries! You can now hide extra supplies underneath your lash bed without adding clutter to your room.

5) It’s an easy way to add color to your lash room.

Whether you’re into the white and black sleek look or pink to brighten up your room, the choice is yours!

Isabella Lash Bed Cover

Annabelle Lash Bed Cover

lash bed cover lash bed cover

This stretchable bed cover is designed to allow you to fit your legs under the lash bed for the most ergonomic comfort. Molds perfectly with portable massage tables.

This original lash bed cover will help you achieve the clean and sleek look that you’ve been dreaming of. Molds perfectly with spa and facial beds.

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