lash cart organizer

Lash Cart Organizer

lash cart organizer
“Organization is about efficiency, reducing stress & clutter”

A lash cart is an essential to keep you organized. It’s recommended to have a lash cart with at least 3 sections: top, middle and bottom. But, nobody will stop you if you want more sections; the more compartments you have, the better!

The Most Loved Eyelash Extension Trolley:

3 Tier Trolley 5 Tier Trolley 10 Tier Trolley
pink trolley sleek trolley organizer trolley
The HollyHOME comes in 3 stylish colors: pink, cream, and mint. Perfect for the trendy lady boss. The Winsome 5 tiered trolley is by far the most popular choice for minimalists. Seville's 10 Tier Trolley is a classic favorite for lash artists. Ideal for those who value functionality.
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How to Organize Your Lash Cart Efficiently:

TIP #1: Organize it according to prioritization

lash cart organizer

The top section of the lash cart is the most reachable and visible place. That’s why, it should include all the items you need during your appointment. The middle should include the items you might need during the appointment or that you use in between appointments. The bottom section is, of course, the most difficult to reach. This area should only be accessed when you need to replenish your stock. Don’t forget to keep track of your inventory!

Top Section
Middle Section
Bottom Section
• adhesive
• primer
• remover
• tweezers
lash wands
• lash trays
• sanitation supplies
• additional stock

TIP #2: Use lash supply organizers for optimal productivity

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glue container cart organizer tweezer holder