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Eyelash Extension Style Guide: Functional Wall Decor

lash consultation chart

There’s nothing more anticlimactic than entering a beauty salon... only to stare at 4 blank walls. Afterall, wall art greatly contributes to the overall aesthetics of a beauty salon.

If you’re ready to transform your lash salon’s boring bare walls to something stylish yet functional, then keep on reading...

Discover functional eyelash extension wall decor:

salon wall art
salon wall art
salon wall art
salon wall art

Lash Extension Consultation

These eyelash extension style guides do more than just glamming up your lash studio. They also serve the purpose of elevating your lash business. What are the benefits?

  • Easier lash consultations: What style, length or shape of eyelash extensions does your client want? Communication is key to ensure that they get what they want. Make your life easier with an eyelash extension style guide. That way, clients can get exactly what they asked for by simply pointing to the style they want. Say hello to more happy clients!

  • Faster lash consultations: How long do you spend trying to explain the difference between a doll eye and a cat eye? Or hybrids to volumes? How many times do you have to present the same spiel over and over again? With a lash style guide, you can now explain all that within 0.5 seconds. Why? Because visuals do wonders.

  • Transforms your salon walls: The best part? It elevates the look of your entire lash studio: professional, stylish and functional. What more can you ask for in wall decor?!

lash consultation chart

Save both you and your clients’ precious time with functional wall decor. It adds color to your walls and has a useful function for everyone in the room! Get more lash room tips from Tips for Lash Artists – Her Lash Decor

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