lash organizers

Top 6 Organizers for Lash Techs

lash organizers

If you’re a lash artist, then you’re probably facing questions such as “where’s the tape?! I swear it was here just a minute ago...” or “where did I place my fave tweezers again?"

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Staying organized is key to a successful lash business. Here’s the top 6 must-have organizers that every lash tech should have:


1. Lash Cart Trolley

Large capacity, transportable, and comes in 3 colors! This lash cart is the best bang for its buck.


2. All-in-One Organizer

Lash efficiently by using a multi compartment organizer where you can store everything you need in one place. It’s also clear acrylic so you can see all your tools easily!


3. Abby Tray

Your lash trays deserve to be neatly organized according to lengths and curls. This organizer holds up to 8 lash trays!


4. Genevive Lash Pillow Shelf

Organizing doesn’t just end with trolleys and holders, organize while you’re literally lashing! With the Genevive Lash Pillow Shelf, all your tools will be available at your fingertips during your appointment.


5. Lovello Lash Glue Airtight Container

Your lash glue should be stored well to preserve its effectiveness, use the proper container for it!


6. Adella Tweezer Holder

Display your lash tweezers while also protecting them! It looks professional and put together, keeping your most valuable tools protected.

There are different ways that we can organize our lash tools. It all just depends on your personal preference! Read more about lash carts here.

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All-in-one Lash Organizer Genevive Lash Pillow Shelf Lovello Lash Glue Container
lash organizer lash organizer lash glue container