Lash pillow liner

Lash Pillow Liner

lash pillow liner

Why should you use lash pillow liners?

  • It prevents cross contamination between clients
  • It prevents wear and tear of your pillow cover
  • It shows your clients that you care about cleanliness & sanitation
lash pillow cover

Here are 6 different items you can use to line your pillows:

1. Towel

Towels are great pillow liners because they’re easy to find. Best of all, it comes in many colours to match your lash bed cover and the color scheme of your studio. It’s arguably the most eco-friendly option, as its machine washable. Simply wash and reuse. With that being said, the downside is that it can be a hassle having to plan for your laundry days.

Paper towels have pre-cut guidelines, making it quick and easy to use. Because it’s a one-time use item, you might find yourself going through rolls of paper towels quicker than expected. That’s why, it’s recommended that you don’t overspend on a heavy duty one.

Cling wrap works really well as pillow liners, especially if you want something easy to clean and disinfect between clients. It’s super lightweight and thin. However, because of the material, it can be tricky to set up and keep in its place.

Plastic is a good material to use if you don’t want just one-time use items. You can find different material thicknesses and colors to match your lash bed cover and color scheme of your studio. It’s so customizable that you can cut up the plastic bag so that it can cover a larger surface area. You just want to make sure that you spray disinfectant and thoroughly clean between each appointment.

Doggy pads are convenient if you already have a pet. They work well as pillow liners because they’re waterproof, disposable and fit perfectly over your lash pillow. Of course, it comes with its own disadvantages. It can be a little pricey and it's not as aesthetically pleasing.

Dental bibs are another good option because it’s affordable, while still keeping your work space looking professional. Since the material is so thin and lightweight, it won’t take up much storage space.


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