lash sayings

Lash Quotes for Lash Salons

lash sayings

One of the best ways to incorporate personality into your lash studio is to showcase lash quotes. It’s fun, decorative, super easy to put up.

Eyelash Extension Quotes & Sayings

Motivational Lash Quotes

Need an energy boost? Want to always feel motivated 24/7? Using motivational quotes throughout your salon will keep you hustlin’ day and night.

lash phrases
  • Love what you do, do what you love
  • Act like a lady, lash like a boss
  • May your Mondays be short and lashes by long
  • Lash. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.
  • Adventure awaits, but first lashes.

Funny Lash Quotes

Bring some light humor into your lash appointments and have fun with it! These quotes are totally relatable to every lash client.

eyelash quotes
  • Lashes, yes. You, maybe.
  • Can’t see the haters. My lashes are too long
  • Confidence is 10% hard work and 90% lashes
  • My life may not be perfect, but my lashes are
  • The only drama I enjoy is in my lashes
  • I got 99 problems, but my lashes ain’t one

Cute Lash Sayings

You’re a simple gal? These simple lash phrases represent you and how you always want to feel! Best of all, you can keep it on your wall for longer periods of time without it going out-dated.

lash sayings
  • Lash babe
  • Lash boss
  • Lashes are better
  • All you need is lashes
  • Hello gorgeous
  • Have a fabuLASH day!

Now that you have an idea what and when to use it, here’s where you can get it!
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