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Find Lash Room Inspiration (How-To Guide)

lash room ideas

Find lash room inspiration

lash room design

1. If you haven’t found Her Lash Decor’s instagram yet, you've got to follow it. It's filled with real-life examples of lash studios created by talented entrepreneurs around the world.

2. Search specific hashtags for more specialized inspiration

3. See something that you like?

  • Use the save feature on Instagram to create an album of your favorite lash room inspirations.
  • Pro Tip: If you see something that you like and want to know where it’s from, send a DM and just ask!

Create a mood board for your lash setup

Mood boards are like collages that portray an overarching theme. By creating a mood board for your lash salon, you’ll have a clear vision and a consistent design to follow.

What to include in your mood board:


Examples of mood boards:

lash room setuplash room setuplash room setup

Ready to get started? Kickstart your inspiration by visiting Her Lash Decor on Instagram.

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