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Find Lash Room Inspiration (How-To Guide)

lash room inspiration

Read the 3 Tips To Create the Perfect Lash Room...

1) Create a Mood Board

If you haven’t found the @her.lashdecor instagram yet, you've got to check it out. It's filled with real-life examples of lash studios created by talented entrepreneurs around the world. This is the spot to get your lash room inspiration.

  • Use the save feature on Instagram to create an album of your favorite lash room inspirations.
  • Refer to your saved collection as a mood board for when you want to purchase items for your lash studio. Ask yourself questions like, "does this particular item fit the theme of my mood board?"

2) Ask for Help From Industry Experts

Lash salons are not just any beauty salon; it’s very specialized.

  • If you want to know which brand has the best lash bed, ASK!
  • If you’re curious on what items you should add to your studio, ASK!

The best place to get insight is by contacting reputable lash accounts on Instagram. Instagram is the hub where top lash artists showcase their work.

3) Get Your Items From Reputable Sources

Her Lash Decor carries a collection of products that are hand-picked by lash artists. That means every item is specially designed for lash artists.

What are you waiting for? Get decorating!

To see more lash room recommendations, check out our lash artist tips section in our blog.

If Other Lash Artists Are Loving It, You Probably Will Too!

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