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Pillow For Eyelash Extensions

Pillows are a very important part of the lashing process. It can make your clients’ experience much more comfortable and YOURS as well! The more comfortable the both of you are, the more productive you’ll be to achieve better results!

Why Do You Need a Pillow for Eyelash Extensions?

  • It provides comfort for clients
    • Boosts client satisfaction
    • Increases returning clients


  • It provides ergonomic support for lash artists
    • Improves body posture
    • Increases lashing efficiency
    • Boosts productivity

Eyelash Extension Pillows

Massage Table Headpiece

If you use a portable massage table as a lash bed, then you probably have this already. Using the massage table headpiece as a pillow for your clients is economical, but it’s not the most comfortable to use. That’s because it’s not made with memory foam and can’t support your wrist when you’re working on your clients. Without support, your arms will be in the air for hours, which increases the risk of developing carpel tunnel syndrome.

Neck Pillow

A neck pillow, also known as a travel pillow is lightweight and soft. Although it does provide some support for your clients, there’s practically no support for you as a lash artist. Don’t take the importance of a healthy, ergonomic workstation lightly. The healthier you are, the more clients you can take in a day, which means achieving higher income per day!

Normal Pillow

A regular pillow can provide comfort, but ONLY to your clients. Lash artists who opt for a regular pillow for lashing won’t get the ergonomic support they need where it’s recommended to have a lashing platform for your lash tile, tweezers, mascara wands, etc that’s easily accessible. This pillow is definitely not made for lashing and NOT suitable for lashers.

Ergonomic Eyelash Pillow

Cloud Pro Pillow

This pillow checks off everything you need. Thanks to the rebounding memory foam, it’s the perfect balance for clients’ comfort and lash artists’ comfort. There’s a flat and firm lashing platform to place your lash tile that provides a good ergonomic work space to lash at the right height for your neck. It even has 4 pockets on each side to keep your other lash tools. Bonus? It is suitable for both left and right handed artists!

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Now that you have an idea on which pillow to get, find out what to get as a pillow liner and what the most comfortable lash bed is!


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