lash room decor

Why Decorate Your Lash Room?

lash room decor

Still contemplating whether or not you should spend your time, effort and money on decorating your lash studio? We’ve all been there too!

lash room decor

Here are 5 reasons why decorating your work space:

1. You can raise your beauty service prices

Want to increase your prices? Create an overall beauty salon experience worth paying for. Remember, the better the experience, the more you can justify the prices.

2. You will attract better clients

The law of attraction says that you attract what you are. Higher paying clients look for higher-end salons. Stop attracting people who only want to pay you the bare minimum! Aside from your high-end service, it's important to provide them with a luxurious environment that they’re willing to spend the money on... it's simple as that!

3. You will get more returning clients

A comfortable lash bed makes all the difference: ergonomic pillows, blankets and memory foam toppers. Be sure you have all the lash bed accessories to show your clients that you go above and beyond. The more you show you care, the more likely your clients are going to book with you again.

4. It’ll make you happy

If you’re a lash artist, your lash room is probably your second home. Make it your happy place! A happy place manifests a happy business. The entire process from planning the theme of your lash room, to shopping for the items is enjoyable. Take your time to enjoy every step of the process. There’s no better feeling than seeing your vision come to life. Lets make your lash boss goals happen!

Ready to transform your lash business starting with your lash room? Get lash salon inspiration and start shopping lash room essentials today.

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