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Why Decorate Your Lash Room?

lash room decor

Still contemplating whether or not you should spend your time, effort and money on decorating your lash studio? We’ve all been there too!

Here are 5 reasons why decorating your work space will actually make you happier:

1. It’s A Reflection of You

Your workspace reflects your personality, character, and achievements. Everything in your lash room transmits a message to your clients. Having plants may suggest that you have a green thumb. A clean shelf can say you’re an organized person or a certificate on the wall shows that you underwent training. Everything inside your lash room is a reflection of who you are. The best part? Your clients can learn a lot about you through your room decor! Plus, it becomes an easy conversation starter.

2. It’ll Motivate You

The best way to work efficiently is to be in an environment you want to be in. As a business owner, you’ll want to look around your lash room and feel proud of what you made for yourself. Not only will you be more motivated, but you’ll also transmit that positive energy to your clients!

3. It’ll Attract Better Clients

The law of attraction says that you attract what you are. High-end clients go to high-end looking studios. They’re likely to spend money on what things that resemble and match their personality or looks. Aside from your high-end service, it's important to provide them with a luxurious environment that they’re willing to spend the money on... it's simple as that!

4. It’s a Good Investment

Think of your lash studio as your second home. You’d want to invest in good quality lash furniture that is durable enough to last a long time! Treat every item as a long-term investment. The last thing you want is to purchase something that you’ll have to replace again in a couple of months.

5. The Process is Enjoyable!

The entire process from planning the theme of your lash room, to shopping for the items is enjoyable! Take your time to enjoy every step of the process. There’s no better feeling than seeing your vision come to life!

Having your own lash studio is fun because you have the ability to make it an enjoyable place for you and your clients. You can customize everything inside the room. Keep it simple or glam it up - everything is up to you! Make your lash room uniquely yours.

Don’t wait any longer! Get inspired or shop for your lash room decor today!

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