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DIY Salon Ceiling Design

lash room ceiling

Looking to impress your clients before and after their lash nap? That’s exactly what @vaestheticsbeauty achieved with her infamous starry night ceiling. If you’re interested in doing the same, keep reading for the step by step guide...

As Her Lash Decor states: "Did you know the ceiling is also known as a 5th wall? The ceiling is usually a neglected space in room design, but it certainly shouldn’t be. Think about it, your ceiling is the first thing clients wake up to!"

lash room inspiration

What Inspired This Fairy Light Ceiling Idea?

When designing my lash room, I wanted to have a unique feature wall. But since I was decorating a small lash room with limited space, it was best to utilize the ceiling as the feature wall! The idea was to incorporate soft fairy lights to create a relaxing atmosphere for myself and my clients. That's why I decided to use sheer drapes.

Step by Step Guide to DIY a Fairy Light Ceiling:

  1. Measure the ceiling space that you want covered.
  2. Use the length of measurements to purchase fairy lights and sheer fabric.
  3. Place command decorating clips onto your ceiling.
  4. Hook the fairy lights onto the command decorating clips. Allow a little space for the fairy lights to hang from the ceiling.
  5. Cut the sheer fabric into strips a little longer than the length of your ceiling.
  6. Use push pins to temporarily secure one end of the fabric from the middle of the ceiling. Leave some space for it to drape. Then, secure the other end to the end of the ceiling with another pin.
  7. Using the same pinning method, create your desired “puffy” look throughout the entire ceiling. Make sure the fabric does not touch the fairy lights.
  8. Repeat steps 6 & 7 for the other half of the ceiling.
  9. Once you’re happy with the results, remove one pin out at a time and replace it with a nail gun. Since these are permanent, make sure it’s exactly where you want them! 

And you’re finished! Now, your clients can enjoy sleeping under the starry night skies and wake under the clouds.

Good luck xoxo.

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