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Salon Selfie Walls: Everything You Need To Know

What Are “Selfie Walls”?

wall decor lash room

Simply put, salon wall decorations act as “selfie walls”. Essentially, they’re photobooth stations for guests to engage and photograph.

According to marketing consultants, selfie walls are a proven marketing strategy to help businesses grow.

How Will Wall Decor Help My Business Grow?

A selfie wall gives a reason for clients to get excited to capture their beautiful lashes and share it with their friends and family. It's a cost-effective method to have clients spread the word about your business.

If you’re looking for new ways to reach new potential clients, then install a selfie wall and watch it work its magic!

Wall Decor Ideas For Lash Rooms

Depending on your budget, there are many directions you can take when designing a salon wall.

Keep on reading if you're looking for inspiration...

lash wall decor

lush green wall backdrop adds youthfulness to any photo. Of course, the bigger the backdrop, the more impressive. But keep in mind that even a small backdrop is sufficient for a nice photoshoot.

eyelash wall art

Catch the neon light trend with a quirky quote. Unique and relatable quotes typically excite guests for a photoshoot session! To really step it up a notch, equip the seating area with cute props.

lash wall art

Speaking of cute props, choose props that add a fun factor. It could be balloons, champagne or even a hanging swing! You know the motto, girls just want to have fun. 

eyelash wall decor

The flower wall is by far the most popular option for beauty salons. Which woman isn't in awe when it comes to a massive wall of flowers?!

eyelash wall decor

Don't forget, a selfie station is incomplete without optimal lighting. You can't go wrong with the Neewer Ring Light. It's the perfect light for both lashing and photography.

Now that you've got some inspiration flowing, start shopping for your dream wall art to incorporate into your lash studio.

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