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Steps To Set Up an Eyelash Studio

lash room inspoStuck on inspiration for decorating your lash studio? 

Or did you hit a roadblock with executing your next steps?

We interviewed Pamela, owner of one of the most amazing jaw-dropping salons in Malta (@Pamelashmalta). She graciously shares her top tips on how to setup a lash studio.

Keep reading to learn how she did it... 

1) The First Step is To Find Lash Room Inspo

I got my inspiration from @her.lashdecor. Months after months, the Instagram posts were the major influence in the creation of my concept.

2) Design A “Happy Escape” For Clients and Yourself

I wanted a luxurious, artistic and harmonious sanctuary. A space that my customers could momentarily escape the pressures of the modern world.

3) Transform The Inspiration and Make It Your Own

Depending on the location and market positioning, customers may have very different expectations. So instead of copy and pasting someone else’s concept, create your own. This is the best investment you will make.

4) Take Your Time. But Don’t Take Too Much Time

Finding the idea took a couple of months. Giving life to the vision took 3 weeks.

5) Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help!

The drawing with the flower decor is my favorite part of the salon. It is an ode to a woman’s natural beauty. The flowers are the model’s hair. I would like to thank Tijana Rašković, my talented friend who gave life to this creation.

Now, if you've been wishing to re-create your dream studio, what are you waiting for? Get started and find inspiration @her.lashdecor.

We also offer FREE lash decor resources in our blog section.

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