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6 Tips To Decorate a Small Lash Room

small lash room

Looking to transform your tight space into a gorgeous and functional lash room? We’ve got 6 tips to get you started...

Small Beauty Salon Ideas 

1) Let Natural Light In

If you’re lucky enough to have a window, take advantage of that luxury! Either keep your blinds open or install sheer curtains to allow shades of light in. Natural light gives the feeling of more space. Best of all, it’s free.

small lash room


2) Install Mirrors

Mirrors create the illusion of double the space. Make sure that it’s positioned to reflect multi-dimensional spaces. Ideally, position the mirror to reflect an open window instead of an empty wall.

small lash studio


3) Declutter and Stay Organized

Clutter causes overcrowdedness. If you don’t use or need the item, get rid of it. If it doesn’t need to be seen, store it in a trolley. A trolley is a great vertical storage option to optimize space. The more tiers it has, the better functionality you’ll get.

3 Tier Trolley 5 Tier Trolley 10 Tier Trolley
pink trolley sleek trolley organizer trolley
The HollyHOME comes in 3 stylish colors: pink, cream, and mint. Perfect for the trendy lady boss. The Winsome 5 tiered trolley is by far the most popular choice for minimalists. Seville's 10 Tier Trolley is a classic favorite for lash artists. Ideal for those who value functionality.
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4) Take Advantage of Using Wall Art

With little floor space for decorative furniture, don’t forget about decorative wall art. Add personality to your lash room with a flower wall, a beautiful mural, framed photos or motivational quotes. The choice is yours!

Check out the "Beauty Salon Wall Decor: Ideas You'll Love" blog if you need inspiration.

small lash room


5) Find the Right Lash Bed

It’s no question that a massage bed is the better option for small rooms. Its rectangular shape allows you to place the bed right up against the wall, making use of every square inch of your room. A recliner chair is more bulky and can’t be placed right up against the wall. 

To really impress your clients with a massage bed, follow these 5 steps to create the most comfortable eyelash extension bed ever.

6) Embrace Minimalism

Opt for solid color blankets, pillows, bed covers instead of intricate prints. Intricate patterns create a chaotic look, making the room appear smaller than it really is.

We hope these tips motivate you to transform your small space into a lash studio of your dreams. Get started today by checking out lash room decor selected by lash artists.

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