plastic beauty spa bed cover
plastic lash bed cover
waterproof lash bed cover
waterproof lash bed cover
Tula Plastic Lash Bed Sheet

Tula Plastic Lash Bed Cover

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Plastic Beauty Bed Cover

This waterproof bed cover will ensure that your bed remains clean and fresh for every client!

Why choose the waterproof bed cover?

➖ Easy Clean Between Appointments: Made with a flexible waterproof material, it’ll make sanitizing your bed easier– allowing clients to lie down comfortably on your bed while remaining hygienic.
Say Goodbye to Disposable Covers: Reduce waste by choosing this durable material that will last a lifetime. It’s easy to care for, simply wipe and reuse!
➖ Easy Setup: It’s perfectly sized. Setup takes only seconds– simply place it on top of your beauty bed and that’s it!

Size: 73” x 30” (185.5 x 76 cm)

Make your investment back and more! With the waterproof bed cover, you can transform your customer experience immediately:
⭐️  Get happier customers
⭐️  Get better reviews
⭐️  Get higher-paying clientele

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Mila Graham

I was looking at lash artists going to the fabric store to DIY this but it costs over $70 to do so. This is so simple and easy to use!!


I've been looking for this everywhere. This is perfect for cleaning!!!

Stacey W.

MUST HAVE for Covid times. Fits perfectly over the lash bed!