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Lash Room Decor

We believe that your surroundings manifest your destiny. If you have an environment that you love to be in, you’ll be happier and more productive. And all lash artists deserve to lash in a space that they absolutely adore.

So, our mission is to help you build a lash studio that you are head-over-heels in love with.

About Her Lash Decor

Her Lash Decor is your one-stop-shop for everything you need to create the lash studio of you (and your clients’) dreams.

At Her Lash Decor, you’ll find inspiration, tips, and products to help you create a space that reflects your entrepreneurial dreams.

We do that by:

  • Inspiring you with interior design concepts
  • Providing tips to make your setup more productive
  • Showcasing high-quality products to elevate your lash setup (we only recommend products that we use ourselves!)

About The Founder

Meet Ginny. The founder of Her Lash Decor started off lashing part-time out of a spare storage room in her parents’ home. Her clients LOVED their lashes, but there was one problem: she was always embarrassed by her lash room.

She’d start introducing her lash room to new clients saying,

“I’m so sorry for the small space...”

“Don’t mind the clothes hanging in the corner...”

After coming across the quote, “your surroundings manifest your destiny,” she decided to step up to transform her storage space into a real lash room. She knew that to truly become a successful lash artist, she’d have to act the part.

She researched... she tested... and she designed different products for her lash room. Eventually, she found products that she absolutely loved.

Currently, her lash room has become a place that aligns with her identity. It’s a place where she wants to be, a place that she’s proud to show off. And she truly believes that every lash artist deserves to feel the same way.


And that’s why she created Her Lash Decor - to help lash artists around the world level up their lash space.