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Lash Room Decor

"She knew that to be a successful lash artist, she needed a better mindset, a better vision, and a better setup.”

Our mission is to help you create a lash setup for bigger business success.

Hey Lash Boss!

We know being a lash boss isn’t easy. You’re your own social media manager, admin assistant, bookkeeper, product purchasing agent… and the list goes on. Yes, you already have enough hats to wear. And no, you don’t need to spend extra time researching products after products. This is why we created Her Lash Decor.

Lash Business Setup - Trusted by over 170,000+ Lash Bosses

We created Her Lash Decor because we saw too many lash artists without proper lash setups. The beauty industry is known to help people look their best— so shouldn’t lash rooms ALSO look their best?!

Her Lash Decor is where you’ll find everything you need for your perfect lash biz setup. We’ve created, hand-selected and tested all our supplies to ensure that it lives up to the fast-evolving lash industry.

We Understand Lash Artists - Because we’ve been there too!

Meet Ginny - the founder of Her Lash Decor, who discovered the side hustle of lashing back in 2017. She instantly fell in love with the art of lashing. Without much of a choice, she started off lashing out of her parent’s storage room on a naked massage table with a bunch of clothes hanging in the background.

She used to think..

    • When I get more clients, I will…
    • When I make more money, I will…
    • When I’m fully booked, I will…

But here’s the ugly truth:

    • You won’t get more clients if your setup is lacking
    • You won’t make more money if your business only attracts low-paying clients
    • You won’t be fully booked if you’re constantly spending your time on the wrong things!

Finally, Ginny decided to do what a real lash boss would do— transform her storage room into an actual lash studio. She knew that to be a successful lash artist, she needed a better mindset, a better vision, and a better setup. So, she buckled down and really upgraded her studio with:

    • Comfortable bed accessories for her clients to actually want to lash nap on
    • An organized space for better productivity and efficiency
    • An ergonomic setup for her client’s and her own health

    Now, Ginny’s lash studio has become a place that aligns with her personal identity and her clients’ needs. But it doesn’t end there. Her Lash Decor’s mission is to help more lash artists create a lash setup for bigger business success. Join over 170,000+ lash bosses from around the world with #herlashdecor.

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