About Us

Welcome to Her Lash Decor! My name is Ginny. I'm a lash artist and the founder of Her Lash Decor.

  • I started my lashing career back in 2018. 
  • Actually, the truth is, I took my first classic lash course training back in 2016 and I didn't get my first client until 2018.

Why did it take me 2 years to get my first client?

Well, just like a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs, I was really good at making excuses! Here's just a few of the many excuses I had:

  • I need a studio to lash in, but I don’t have the money to rent one
  • I could do it at home, but we don't have the space for it
  • I could use the den, but I don't even have a lash bed!
  • I could buy a bed, but what if I fail?

Yes, these are all valid concerns. But thinking back, they were all just excuses... because I was afraid to fail.

How did I take the leap of faith to finally start my lash business? 

This may sound silly, but it was a Google Ad. There was an ad that came up for the infamous portable lash bed. At that time, it was being sold for $100. Even Google knew exactly what I needed.

Now I can finally start my lash business with a portable massage bed in my den for a price of $100. That’s all I really need right?!

Yes. At the time, it was all I really needed to start lashing on a few friends and family. I practiced and eventually got really good at the craft. Sometimes, I even got lucky and would get a referral or two. It was great while it lasted, but there comes a time when you know you can do so much more.

How did I grow my lash business?

Still lashing on my $100 portable lash bed was not going to take me to the next level. I felt embarrassed knowing that my clients were uncomfortable. 

I wanted to get clients who were more than just my family and friends. I wanted real clients. I wanted this to be a real business. 

That's when I made it a mission to make every single client feel like a million bucks. I wanted them to not only walk out with beautiful lashes, but to enjoy the experience so much that they can't wait to come back for their next appointment.

How did I do that? I upgraded the entire experience— from playing relaxing music, to lighting a scented candle, to adding pillows and toppers to my portable lash bed.

Why did I start Her Lash Decor?

Slowly but surely, I continued to upgrade the client experience. What first started as just extra blankets and pillows, ended up becoming more than what was available in the market. 

I then started to develop products that would improve the overall experience for both lash artists and the clients—that's how Her Lash Decor started! I can now proudly say that my clients stay with me because they feel good, comfortable, and cared for.

I believe every single business owner should feel empowered and proud for what they stand for in their lash business. Whatever stage you are at, I am here to support you to become the best lashpreneur you can be! 

Your biggest cheerleader,