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About | Her Lash Decor

We are Lash Artists

Her Lash Decor was founded by a lash artist herself.

We Individually Hand-Pick Each Item

All products in the Her Lash Decor collection are carefully hand-selected for the best quality and aesthetics.

We Believe in Creating Beautiful Lash Studios

Being a lash artist means more than just mastering the skill of applying eyelash extensions. It's also about providing a comfortable and relaxing environment for your clients. More importantly, it's about creating the perfect space for you to be inspired daily. That why we believe that every lash artist deserves to design their own lash studio. 

We Work Hard to Deliver Your Order

Please understand that Her Lash Decor is run by a small group of dedicated lash artists. Please allow 2-3 weeks for your product(s) to deliver to you. We are working hard to speed up your orders in the future. 


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