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Elisa Lash Bed Pillow

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Leg Support Pillow

The Leg Support Pillow is the showstopper for those who are committed to excellent client service. Your lash clients come to you for more than just your service. They come to feel beautiful, relaxed and rejuvenated. Bottom line, your client wants comfort.

☁️Say Goodbye to Uncomfy Clients: Keeping both legs elevated when lying down for over 30 minutes is proven to relieve lower back pressure, reduce discomfort, improve circulation and comfort.
☁️ Say Hello to Client Comfort: Made with premium grade high density memory foam, the support pillow is sturdy enough to retain its shape while it’s in use. This pillow will help your clients drift off into their beauty sleep and wake up feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.
☁️ Easy to Clean: The plush knit cover is removable with a zipper. It is easily cared for and can be machine washed as needed.

Make your investment back and more! With the leg support pillow, you can transform your customer satisfaction immediately:
⭐️  Get happier customers
⭐️  Get better reviews
⭐️  Get higher-paying clientele

Size: 25” x 16” (64 x 42 cm)

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Catherine M

You guys have no idea! ALL MY CLIENTS COMMENT ON THIS WHENEVER THEY COME IN... "I've never been to a lash tech whose bed was this comfy before". Honestly, it makes me so proud. This pillow WORKS.

Fiona D.

I honestly was thinking this would be much smaller like the ones on Amazon but it's so supportive and just the right size. Love it!!

LA Lashes
Clients love it

My clients LOOOOOVE this pillow. Esp the pregnant ladies!!!

Seriously it helps.

Fricken love this. Although it’s not for clients who are a bit more wide. I literally steal it to sleep with sometimes Too

BrowXLashXLove by Kellyann

I already had 2 of my customers ask if they could buy this off of me 😂😂😂 Product is 5/5. But I'm giving 4/5 just because they are always sold out. Waited forever for them to get it back in stock....