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Mello Lash Bed Topper

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for Lash Bed Memory Foam Topper

Your beauty clients come to you for more than just your service. They come to feel beautiful, relaxed and rejuvenated. Bottom line, your client wants comfort.

☁️Say Goodbye to Uncomfy Clients: This Lash Bed Topper provides pressure releasing comfort and support for clients. Servicing impatient and fidgety clients is not fun. So, make sure they are comfortable.
☁️ Say Hello to Peaceful Appointments: The responsive memory foam and gel-infused cooking technology will help your clients drift off into their beauty sleep and wake up feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.
☁️ No More Re-adjusting the Bed: The 4 durable straps and non-slip bottom secures to bed without any slip and slide. Save time and hassle in between appointments
☁️ Easy to Clean: The plush knit cover is removable with a zipper. It is easily cared for and can be machine washed as needed.

Make your investment back and more! With the Mello Beauty Bed Topper, you can transform your customer satisfaction immediately:
⭐️  Get happier customers
⭐️  Get better reviews
⭐️  Get higher-paying clientele

Size: 73” x 29” x 2” (186 x 74 x 5 cm)

The Mello Lash Bed Topper comes vacuum sealed for eco-friendly shipping. Please flip and lay flat on alternative sides for at least 72 hours to allow the topper to fully expand to its intended size.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Leslie Baca Lopez
My clients loveeee

Everyone says it’s extremely comfortable and always end up falling asleep when I’m lashing them!

makes my table so much more comfortable

Really satisfied with this topper. Its cover is very high quality and it fits my bed perfectly. I was worried the straps might not go over the edge’s because my massage table is thick. Only thing that would make it better is if it were 3 inches thick instead of 2

Leticia Delgado

I’m so happy with my new bed topper, it’s so comfortable, thank you for your attention and your service

Asia Coles

Love it!

Jackie Larios

All my clients always give me compliments on my bed topper saying it's so comfy, it's going to put them to sleep or some even ask if they can stay laying a little longer ❤